Monday, April 12, 2010

SOCK Monkey with Red Heart Mom Tattoo

SOCK Monkey with Red Heart Mom Tattoo

Maxx, is a little sock monkey is so full of confidence, you can see it in his face. I think its the tattoo. It does wonders for a sock monkeys ego! This monkey is not ashamed of his love for his MOM, but he is tough and full of spunk to boot!! Guaranteed to be the life of every rocking Sock Monkey Party!

If you have not yet watched the Kia Sock Monkey commercial, please do so.

It is a hoot!! View the video then you will appreciate my Kia Sock Monkey look a like!! I feel certain that all of us Sock Monkey lovers fell in love with the superbowl Kia commercial. Who doesn't love a bull riding, jet skiing, angel making, car driving, tattooed, MOM loving, wild dancing sock monkey??
Sock Monkey measures 18" long from top of his head to the bottoms of his feet.

Sock Monkey has embroidered eyes. The tattoo is handmade from red and white felt with "MOM" hand stitched on it, then sewn onto his arm.

Makes a cute addition to your sock monkey collection that will last for years to come.

KIA Look-a-like Sock Monkey with Handmade MOM tattoo

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