Monday, March 8, 2010

Denim history and facts -

Denim history and facts -

1800’s - Serge material from France used primarily for workers because it was sturdy and cheap to make for cowboys and miners.

1930’s - American GI’s and Europeans began wearing for comfort and casual wear.

1950-60’s - Denim became JEANS, a must have for teens and a cultural phenomenon.

1980-90’s - Jeans became a fashion icon in a variety of washes ,colors and styles. It is popularized by designers, TV & movies.

2007-10 - Jeans are a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe. Dressy or casual, all cotton, stretch or ring spun make it versatile, comfortable and trendy for people of all ages.

Denim is woven with two yarns:
Indigo yarn and filler yarn, which is un-dyed. That’s why the inside of your jeans have white inside.

Originated in Nimes, France.
Serge De Nimes evolved into denim, then into “Jeans”.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

It's time to Celebrate! 5 years!

I am celebrating FIVE years on eCRATER this month!

March 2005

It was the wee hours of the morning (that's when I do most of my best work) and I was in the forum of SpareDollar (used to be an ebay listing service, merged with now) when another online seller was posting about Members of that forum had lots of questions and Dimitar (owner of joined in the forum to talk to us about the site. He added categories as we suggested them and everything!

At the time my concern was a category for Big and Tall Mens Clothing and guess what ... Dimitri created one! I was happy! I signed up and opened 3 stores.

I was leary. I spent way too many hours planning for and setting up a store at a site called Waggle Pop (turned out to be the first WP) and after spending months preparing for that site it closed within a week! The experience did give me alot of knowledge regarding SEO and meta tag and even how to name your store. BUT I didn't want to end up in that position again! After chatting with Dimitar in the forum and getting a better understanding of his plans for this site I was ready to go for it!

eCRATER promised to be free and remain free. eCRATER is both a free web store builder and a free online marketplace. If you are a seller you can create your own free online store in minutes. If you are a buyer you can browse and search among millions of products. I have been there 5 years now and never paid a penny!  They are still completely FREE to both buyers and sellers!

Today, I personally own, 5 stores on ecrater. I am part owner of 13 others on I have a few other stores online but is my home. eCRATER is the best online marketplace for sellers!.

Many things have changed since I arrived here 5 years ago. I remember going to forums all over the internet trying to help other sellers get started on, see at that time, ecrater did not have a forum or instructions or manuals or anything. The forum opened up on February 24, 2006!

In my opinion the best thing is the copy feature to create new listings. That makes listing so much easier! Now if we could get a bulk editor many more sellers would be very excited!

I actually went to with a plan. I own my domain names and forwarded them to my stores on eCRATER. My thought was that way all the promoting I do will never be wasted should I move my stores. Well, over the years my plan has been altered. I have no plan to leave this site and I certainly have no worries that it's going to disappear into the night.

Of course, it's nice that does not charge anyone for their services. Heck, they won't even accept donations! I do feel guilty about that so I volunteer on the site. I am a mod on the forum as well as a category mod. I feel that together we have all made this site grow and to be the best it can be.

Thank you Dimitar! It's be a great 5 years! Here's to TEN more!