Sunday, January 2, 2011

We sell Leather Belts made in the USA!

We sell leather belts made by Looper Brand belts.
These handcrafted belts are made in Oklahoma, USA.

Looper Brand -
Fine-tuned through three generations of dedicated attention to detail,
Looper’s craftsmanship is based upon artisan-quality handwork.

People who know Looper, know it as a company with the highest standards.
Over sixty years of quality and integrity have built this reputation.

We currently have
2 different widths - 1.5" and 1.75"
5 different colors - Country Bridle, British Brown, Natural, Black and Brown.
5 different designs - Basketweave Design, Classic Design, Printed Stitch, Jungle Leaf, Hunter Design

We will be adding an acorn design, a figure 8 design, and a Paisley Driftwood Design.

We have them listed in waist sizes starting at size 42 BUT we most certainly can do smaller sizes!